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Books I'm Trying to Read - End of August 2015

  • Star Trek: Voyager - Atonement by Kirsten Beyer

  • Shady Characters by Keith Houston

  • Kill the Messengers: Stephen Harper's Assault on Your Right to Know by Mark Bourrie (expanded to include coverage of Bill C-51 and other "Politics of Fear" manœuvers)

  • Canada After Harper, edited by Ed Finn

  • An Imperfect Offering by James Orbinski

More to follow, I'm sure.

One thought about the Ant-Man movie

Possibly spoilers. I know, it's been over a month, but even so...Read more...Collapse )

Inverse Correlation for the Night

The more equipment I'm able to get to make my art, the less time and energy I'm able to put into using the gear.

Assorted Points of Interest

The BBC is under threat in the UK, even as our CBC is here in Canada. Details in the link over at The Guardian. To say that I have a problem with the idea of dismantling the BBC is an Understatement. You know how I feel about the Ceeb here at home, after all.

Finally picked up the first two issues of We Stand on Guard by Vaughan and Skroce from Image Comics. That one Obligatory Shower Scene aside, it takes the Oldest Canadian Nightmare - invasion by the USA - and makes a pretty interesting future/mecha/war story out of it so far. If I have the time and energy in days to come, I'll try to go into more detail on what I think makes it work.

Still looking for that radio/CD player combo device replacement. As it stands, the sources I know of can provide, but I'd need to put up with the addition of either an alarm clock or a cassette recorder and built-in speakers. None of which I need at the day job. I already have the headphones. And no wi-fi, please?

(Note: Rummaging through the Best Buy Canada website is a frustration exercise right now.)

Seeking New Gadget: AM/FM/CD/MP3 Player

Ideally, similar to the old Discman devices. Must be capable of operating as radio and CD player. MP3s burnt to CD will be a bonus. 

E minus 55 days: No Blairisms, Please?

This is the sort of thing that leaves some Canadians who don't want Harper to get a fourth term worried about their available options:


UK Labour supporters of a certain vintage may see the concern here. 

E minus 56 Days

Week Seven of the current contract now underway. I suspect an extension may be forthcoming, but may be waiting at least two weeks for the paperwork.

Noting the yard signage for the various parties and their candidates going up around town. But not until E-minus thirty days will we see them on publicly-owned land in Ottawa the city, owing to municipal bylaws. Not sure that I want such practices to ever resume, but that's a debate for another posting.

More later.

I thought I had something to say tonight...

...but it looks like tonight is one of those nights, where my brain's somewhere other than where I need it to be.

More tomorrow, hopefully.


So yeah. Well Travelled Day!

For those of you not versed in the street maps of Ottawa the city, here's a bit more context. I started from Donald Plaza Mall and wound my way through the eastern reaches of Overbrook and Vanier to arrive at Myths, Legends and Heroes, the main comics shop in that part of Ottawa-Gatineau, and cheated with the help of OC Transpo to cover some side streets considered part of the Forbes/Cummings district sandwiched between Manor Park and old Cyrville.

My feet were annoyed with me for a few hours thereafter, but it was worth it to get a walkers' eye view of those parts of town.

All of this is going to be put to work on the "Street Names" project for Spacing Ottawa at some point, of course, and if I can cross that other item off my bucket list, there will be a proper book about street names across the city of Ottawa as well. Might be in tandem with a modern-style historical atlas, might not. The omens and cards are unclear on this point.  We do need one, and I'm not sure that Derek Hayes' approach might be the best for the purpose. There's one or two others that come to mind and they strike me as better-suited. Preferably purpose-designed maps. 

Streets Addressed This Afternoon

Monseigneur Lemieux
Vincent Massey
de Lévis

E minus 58 Days

So I think I'm going to continue photographing street name signage in upper Overbrook/Castle Heights/lower Vanier this afternoon. Some of those photos will end up attached to Spacing Ottawa essays down the road, I expect.

If the local Sask. Roughriders' fan club doesn't have anything planned tonight, I may decamp to a Second Cup or Bridgehead to do some writing over a light dinner. Not sure yet, not locked in yet.

E-60 Days

I'll probably go shopping for a table to put the new scanner/printer on tomorrow. Unless someone in the neighbourhood can suggest another option?

As regards the Canadian federal election: I want to see Rick Mercer moderate a leaders' debate. On CBC. And all the majors send their leaders. Harper can use the Red Green Solution if he wants in order to maintain personal silence, but he has to be there.

Also noting: today private households can host campaign signage in their windows or on their lawns in Ottawa the city. City bylaw governing this, apparently.

Gadgetry Update

The scanner/printer is in the house, out of the box and mostly assembled. Ink cartridges not yet installed, nor are the connections to the computer done yet. I think I need a table that can handle this beast. As required to handle A3 paper, it's a big machine. I doubt that I'll be using the printer functions much, if at all. The old Brother B&W laser printer still does what I need most of the time for now anyway.

So, yeah, looking for a new table. On wheels would be preferable. Recommendations/offers?


E minus 61 Days

So. Allergy flareup to go with breakfast this morning. We had a thunderstorm that did not relieve the heat/humidity situation in Ottawa-Gatineau overnight. And Yvonne Craig, the first person to play the character we've known as Batgirl and Oracle - she only played the former incarnation because it was the late 1960's - is dead at 78.

Not the best of starts to this particular day. 

New tools for old purposes

I bought a new scanner/printer combo device today. The price was just about right, or right enough. It's going to be difficult to find a table I can set it down on, though, once it gets in the house.

The reason I bought the thing? It's capable of scanning an A3-sized art board in one pass. I've had an Epson Perfection 1260 for over ten years, and it's still reliable. But if I want to scan an 11x17 art board into the computer, I need at least two passes, sometimes as many as four. And then "stitch" them all back into one document in PhotoPaint, Photoshop or whatever else is usable.

And when I saw this thing in Staples - yes, I know, more money for the Republicans, sadly, via Bain Capital...for which I will have to atone - I just snapped. No more. No more. I want proper tools to do a proper job. Even if they are already out of date.

Winding Down Another Monday

Done with Facebook for now. Will do some more drawing after listening to "The Canadian Dream" and "Brother Down" by Sam Roberts. Call it a musical antidote to Harperlandish vibes of the day, magnified by the "heat warning" day we had here in Ottawa.


E minus 63 Days: More Random Notes

The heat warning continuues today.

I'm on week six of my current contract.

The federal election countdown continues. 

Heat Warning Still in Effect...

...and I managed to get some shopping, laundry, and lawn-moving done anyway. I suppose I timed it well enough, avoiding the worst of it starting at 3 PM local time.

About scanner-printer combination devices: What's currently considered the best of such gear as can scan 11"x17" original boards? Opinions?

CBC's Cross-Country Checkup asks for your favourite summer reading recommendations this afternoon, heedless of the risk of trespassing on The Next Chapter's turf. Perhaps that's because The Next Chapter's on summer vacation and one of their past columnists, Randy Boyagoda, is part of the crew answering the phones today.

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