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Agent Carter: May 1946

SHIELD, soldier-spies
We may as well call it that. Since they nailed down V-E Day as a plot point for the last episode of the first season, why not?

A good run, with a good set of end notes to go out on. Even the chilling ones.

Thanks to all involved.

Still here

I haven't vanished yet. Tired. Need to renew my account soon.

More later.



canadian media, public broadcasting
This afternoon, I was at my day-job desk listening to CBC Radio One. First off was Ideas in the Afternoon. A profile on Chris Hedges, specifically, wherein he discusses both in lectures and in discussion with Paul Kennedy the mental health consequences of having been a war correspondent and the ethical consequences of being a citizen of a nation at war.

Following that was Canada Live, featuring Stars' live concert at CBC's Studio 211. Among the songs performed in that session was "Are You OK?"

Go check for the lyrics if you don't already have them at hand.

It may not be the context intended by Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan, but I can't see Campbell not paying attention to the timing if it's ever pointed out to him, accident though it was.


self-promo, little mosque
I haven't managed to work up much that's even halfway coherent. I blame cognitive exhaustion. Again.

More later.


Snow-clearing envy

More than I see in a night, Tom!

On the Maple Leaf Flag's 50th Anniversary

canadian media, public broadcasting
I am pleased to note the 50th anniversary of the adoption of Canada's current national flag today. Long may it wave, and may joy ever be found in that.

Note to Self: Art Reference

comic books
Thanks again, Greg. This time, for pointing this thing out to one and all. Something I need to keep bookmarked. Same goes for anyone else looking for this kind of work, even though I'm making trouble for myself saying it.

Resonance: Comics and Music

Reading Astro City # 20 and listening to Stars' "Trap Door".

The resonance of themes in those two works of art is scary in my mind at the moment.

"He told me he was young, I said "well what is that good for?"
Nobody stays that way..."

Weather Note

empathy, sympathy, pain
So we've got snowfall and wind chill issues in Ottawa-Gatineau today. And our neighbourhood isn't alone in this situation either.

I'm expecting to do some urban travelling this weekend - which will not be a long one for me - so I'll do my best to bundle up accordingly. Rest assured I don't want to lose my nose (for example) to frostbite.

More as it occurs to me...


Birthday Greetings...

celebration, salut
...going out to switchknitter today! Many happy returns and much satisfaction in your hobbies to you!

CBC: Arcades on the Ice

quiet jokes, amusement
Apparently, there's this arcade on the river near Petrie Island out here in east Ottawa. Photos and audio by All in a Day host Alan Neal.

If you happen to be in Orléans over the weekend and have an interest in old-style video games, you might want to hurry over there.

On Spider-Man and the MCU

journalism, investigation, mysteries, questions, science
Just saw the news page on CBC's web service.

The deal-cutting was inevitable.

Is it wrong for me to have hoped that it would have taken longer to do, though?

I was hoping for Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel to be the "rope" character in this particular political tug-of-war movie plot version of Civil War.

Sketch Practice: Val di Fontaine

One of my favourites of the old guard SHIELD comics characters. She's gone missing in the course of the changing of the guard these last few years since Secret Warriors ended, but I hope Marvel's got long-term plans for her. (As in "not killing her off"?)

Val di Fontaine

Birthday Greetings...

celebration, salut steverolston! Many happy returns, and much ink and graphene on artboard in your future, Steve!

Birthday Greetings...

celebration, salut harvey_rrit!

Many happy returns!


I want them in Orléans. At every local mall. That we do not have them is a Problem.
compliment, not fail, praise
I don't live in Toronto...but I still get a bit of purely unjustifiable and vicarious pride-thrill from knowing someone thinks of any city in my country in this way.

And really, we know the place has its flaws, and it still tops the list anyway. Which shows that people who live and work there - some of whom are reading this right now, so good on you! - are doing the best they can to keep making Toronto a better place regardless of whether it's the best place to live and work, or perceived as such.

This is a good thing to see. And a good spur to the ambitions of others.

Thanks, Toronto!

Birthday Greetings...

celebration, salut starfire68 today!

Many happy returns of the day to you, Bonne Fête, and all that jazz!

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