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Canada: Donald Sutherland on Citizenship

He keeps it short and on point.

Can't say that I have a problem with the thinking behind it myself. But the current Prime Minister does, it seems.

Canadian History Question

Seeing as the Bay's in the process of taking down all the "old" signage featuring "the Bay/la Baie" wordmark with the stylized "B" looking like a ribbon and replacing it with a wordmark more appropriate to the side of a passenger rail car circa 1900 or so - check railfonts.com, particularly their "Railroad Roman" family to see what I mean - I was wondering about this: back in 1965, when the Bay was unveiling that earlier wordmark, there must have been TV ads promoting the then-new corporate identity. Has any of the footage from those ads survived into the present?

While I'm Waiting on the Laundry This Morning

Russell McOrmond discusses the consequences of bad intellectual-property law for people in the real worlds. Digital Rights Management tech can and does get manipulated into backfiring.

Canadaland pursues the connections between the HarperGov and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Awaiting further revelations with some interest.

The CBC's Janyce McGregor explains why Canada probably shouldn't be quick to get rid of supply management in agriculture, whatever complaints various groups inside and outside of Canada may have about it. Would that such thinking had been heeded where the Canadian Wheat Board was concerned.

Canada: Judicial Appointments

We were so busy watching the appointments to the Supreme Court. That was certainly a mistake. And I suspect that we will all pay as Canadian citizens over the next half-century. To what degree? It's still debatable.


That's all from me tonight. Sorry.

Answers to That Open Letter

I got a note in my inbox from Senator Plett, summed up here as "please read the actual report for yourself". Which is certainly a fair request on his part. I'm also told I can expect another one from my MP on the subject.

Frankly, thanks to a number of comments from others in their caucus over this past decade, I still see cause to worry for CBC's future no matter what's actually in the report.

More on other topics to follow.
Dear Senator Plett,

I'm cc'ing my MP on this because honesty and politeness jointly require it of me. That said...

This may indeed be a time for needed change at the CBC, but I *do not accept* that the needed changes are or should be any of the following:

- privatization
- privation (to any degree further than has already been inflicted by several governments including that run by your party at this point)
- pledge drives
- "Pravda-fication" (transformation into a "house" organ of the government of the day, no matter who happens to run that government)
- permanent closure

None of these are acceptable options to me as a Canadian citizen, and therefore, as a co-owner of the CBC. I want to make that clear to you right now. I dissent categorically against the content and intent of the report you've brought out on this subject.

Respectfully yours,

Dwight Williams

More on Ant-Man I

Yep, Ant-Man I was a fun thing...

...and the suggestion I've read or heard about it being a palate-cleanser between Age of Ultron and Civil War is pretty much spot-on. For all the stakes being played for here, it's still a smaller story. Intentionally so, I think. That works for me.

For the record: no, not a member of the Edgar Wright cult. Haven't seen the guy's other stuff, so I can't speak to whether his staying on with this film would've been for good or ill.

More on this subject in a later post.

Ant-Man I

Hoping to see it either tonight or tomorrow night.

Two ideas to disagree with

1) Pierre Pollievre's veiled assertion that Latvia and the Czech Republic's donations to the "Victims of Communism" monument project requires Canada to put that monument exactly where he currently wants it.

Note: Pollievre's actual quote is about 2/3 into the text of that first article.

2) Wai Young's assertion that good Christians must support C-51, the "1984 is a how-to-govern guide, no matter what George Orwell intended" bill.

Meandering off to bed...

...and I found what I was looking for on Monday morning. I keep forgetting other stuff, though. At the current rate of progress, I might actually have my current desk properly organized by tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow night's objective: have something cogent and coherent to say about popular culture.

Mixed mood morning

Awake, but 20 minutes earlier than I'd set my clock for. Trying to find stuff and failing. Said stuff is not essential to the work by any means, but it would be nice to have it at hand on the ride to and from.


Sara Paretsky: The Detective as Speech

Thanks to james_nicoll for pointing this out.

There are Reasons why I keep buying and reading new installments of Paretsky's novels featuring V.I. Warshawski. The movie with Kathleen Turner in the role of that investigator was the beginning of my interest.

This is another part of why.

DC CinemaVerse Geography: Metro-Gotham

There was this on Wired.

Not the first time it's been done. The newspaper comics of the 1970's did it. So we know where Zack Snyder's getting some of his inspiration.

I just wish they'd stick with Eliot Brown's map in toto for Gotham, like they decided to stick with John Byrne's Six Boroughs for Metropolis in Man of Steel. As it is, we've seen from photos taken at location shoot sites that they cribbed the location names from that map, and are using a modified map of Detroit for Gotham to plant those names on.

Dawn of Justice: the San Diego 2015 Trailer

Yeah. I saw it.

I'm sold. And I have to wait nine months for the VFX server farms to finish delivering the visuals.

Good thing there's Ant-Man next week.

Musicians on Sport and Space

Chris Hadfield, known as much for his musical acumen now as for his exploration work, speaks to the legacy of Ray Bradbury.

And in respect to the start of the Pan An Games here in Canada tonight, I give you - with the help of CBC Music - Serena Ryder and accompanying musicians:

The essay and the song should be linked more closely in our minds than I have words for at the moment.

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