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Some good medical news.

I got the results of the blood tests today. Thyroid and kidneys are good, blood sugar at the lower end of the pre-diabetic range. So I'm pleased with that. Ditto with the healing of the "ulcers" on my shins. No more changing dressings before bedtime, no more antibiotic ointment. For the time being, at least.

I'll likely be sticking with the compression socks for the foreseeable future, as well as keeping the unused ointment and dressing pads Just In Case.

I don't expect to evade Type 2 diabetes forever, mind you, no matter how careful I become. That strikes me as an inevitability, barring new medical triumphs (which are, so we've been hearing, being researched on a continuing basis and seem closer to bearing useful fruits of knowledge and treatment regimens).

Meantime, I've been enjoying what I can of the vacation leave left to me by my current day-job contract. That ends at close of business tomorrow. On the weekend, I file the relevant federal paperwork, and on Monday, the job search begins again, officially. Unofficially, it never really stopped.

More on other matters later.

Mistaken Identities

For some reason as yet unclear to me, I'm getting notices from Delta Air Lines addressed to a Trudy Ann Williams. No relation so far as I know, but the e-mails continue to reach my GMail inbox anyway.

Hopefully, this gets the lady's attention and she can remedy the situation. Assuming honest error on either her part or the airline's, of course.
Opening up the long Ontario weekend with this. Possibly usable in an Agents of SHIELD episode. Consider it hereby suggested to the powers that be for that TV series.

"Elbowgate" in Some Partial Perspective

For your review and opinionation:

Oh, and the reaction to Ruth Ellen Brosseau's reaction to being jostled? At least, the ones I'm reading the most about? Ridiculous, rude, and just plain Wrong. And more than a tad on the cruel side too...which is part and parcel of what makes it Wrong. 

The legs are looking better tonight, if only by degrees. And I can do without the latest round of spring coughing jags.

But...there they are.

Random Notes of Interest - Mid-May 2016

RIP: Darwyn Cooke

Got to meet the man once in my life that I can remember. 2009, Montréal.

He did good work. Some of you will remember him as a friend, or at worst - I hope - a friendly competitor. Glad he was here.

Small things

While waiting for the bus to go to the day-job this morning, I saw a rabbit. Closest I've ever seen one in my neighbourhood. I didn't pull the camera out, didn't try to chase the rabbit...just let the beast go their way as I stood there.


Forgotten Things

There were things I wanted to get done tonight. Not happening.

Maybe tomorrow.

Sinus Season 2016

Once again, spring is pain.

The problem took fuller effect once more on Saturday. With the now-cooler weather, it's easier to cope for now. It will warm back up, of course, with the requisite consequences.

More after work if I can pull enough of my brain tonight.

Happy Birthday, leahbobet!

Hoping that today's a good one for you, leahbobet, with many happy returns to follow!
Yes, I saw the movie on Friday night. Much to my pleased surprise, as I suspect that the 2D-formatted edition would be playing to an already packed house for the 520 PM showing I wanted to attend. Apparently, in this day and age of advance ticket sales over the web, being the first one at the box office to show up and buy a ticket personally can still count for something.

I think I want to wait a couple of days before posting the bulk of my thoughts on the film.

I will say this: they remedied one of my concerns raised by one of the trailers. Ross' video presentation to the Avengers? The one with the "Casualties" figures? With "23" cited for Washington, the Battle of the Triskelion in The Winter Soldier? In the finished version I saw in the cinema house, it was "Civilian Casualties".


More and hopefully deeper thoughts later in the week. And I intend to go back for at least a second viewing.

Job Search: Continuing as Before II

Noting that while I've been employed steadily for 11 weeks now, and have three weeks left - officially - I haven't closed my eyes to other leads. My subscribed alerts are still active with Workopolis, Indeed, the federal job bank and possibly one or two other things as well.

I think I'll have to amp the search up again sooner than planned, but we'll see.  

World Press Freedom Day

Noting that this is being observed in a number of different quarters today. Not nearly as widely as many of us believe it ought to be, and thankfully, not as narrowly as some of us still dare to hope for.

But there's still work to be done to properly frustrate the latter group...

Toronto Trek: Confirmed

No, not talking about the convention that renamed itself Polaris.


It's on. Confirmed.

May Day 2016

One thing that I ought to have done today and didn't was go downtown to observe May Day in some way. I don't know that I'd have marched in any parade - don't know at this writing if there was one, and if it turns out there was, will probably try to kick myself - but the occasion demands a respect for the people of the workforces of the world. Especially as I am a part of that workforce.

(Yes, I know of the older rituals marking the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere. I have different habits for that transition.)


Just leaving this here:


Not saying I'm going to skip the movie. But I want it known that I've noticed this aspect of things too.

CBC Docs: WiFi Network Names

I've seen some weird ones myself around Ottawa-Gatineau. So this sampling from metro Toronto doesn't seem too bizarre.

How about where you live?

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