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Happy birthday, mdg1!

Hoping it's a good one today!

One more week...

...and I'm back on the job market. Already looking into leads.

More later. Good night.
My concern and complaint is that it is planned to make the usage of Presto in place of all other forms of bus pass and payment inescapable. As someone whose employment situation is Precarious at best (capitalization intended), I fear for my ability to pay for bus transit without needing access to the Internet at all times. I cannot and must not rely upon being able to afford such technologies, whether by desktop, laptop, tablet or "cleverphone".

Also, the paper bus pass as I have used it this past quarter-century allows for the chance that if lost, it can be returned directly to me via Canada Post. I am not convinced that the security of Presto is as valuable as this. I like the additional security of photo ID.

That you believe your plans too far along to be halted or dismantled now is understood. That your plans should not seek to go in this direction should be understood by those in charge at OC Transpo and at City Hall.

I intend to post this on my weblog "On the DEWLine" at Livejournal.

Fonts of Interest 2

Someone decided to name one of their designs "Epilepsy". The designer being Polish, naturally that language's spelling would be preferred.


Further still.

Moving to the ridiculous:


To the just plain sad:


Can we not just break up the chain and keep the individual newspapers going as separate concerns, preferably locally-owned?
Due to tonight's "Samsung Galaxy Note 7" skit.

Just a little disturbing...
It's an opinion piece building off a report by Deloitte.

You might want to listen for a few minutes.
Let that baseball team rebrand themselves as the Capes.


Because that city is where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first created the Superman franchise in its earliest form.

"The Cleveland Capes".

How does it sound?

Several Events to Commemorate

International Day of the Girl. Ada Lovelace Day (as computer tech historians will tell you). In the USA, it's apparently National Coming Out Day per HRC.org.

Busy day.

Art Note

Trying to install some page templates in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). Not finding the how-to guide very quickly.

A Musical Question

Was there ever a video of Don Henley performing "My Thanksgiving"?


Okay, so you've watched the video of that interview, right?

One of those stories, "Lost in Space", that he and Candy Palmater discussed had a premise that got me thinking. Conclusion I reached: someone, someday, is going to be the first of each of their peoples to go to space. Be they Haida, Inuit, nêhiyawak/Cree, Omàmiwininiwak/Algonquin, Mikmaq...each of them is going to have a first space traveller someday.

Mr. Hayden Taylor might get them thinking that way too. And planning ahead for it. Not a bad thing.
Previously, we had Margaret Atwood finally getting into writing for comics with Angel Catbird. Now this.

Can we get a deal between Hayden Taylor and Pocket Books re: Trek novels?

From Q's YouTube page: Growing up, Drew Hayden Taylor immersed himself in science fiction books yet he often felt left out. Unable to see his own Ojibway experiences reflected in these works of literature, Taylor has since written a number of books through the perspective and lens of Indigenous people. He joins guest host Candy Palmater to discuss his collection of indigenous sci-fi stories in his new book "Take Us to Your Chief".

Fonts of Interest

Found a notification about this in my e-mail today. Useful, maybe?



Some scattered notes

I'm adding Ricochet Media to my "Canadian News/Opinions" bookmark list. Seems like a good choice alongside rabble.ca, iPolitics, and so on.

Books I'm working on reading: 100 Days of Cree by Neal McLeod with Arok Wolvengrey, for indigenous language studies. The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D for psychological self-awareness and ability to get along with others.

Elizabeth May on an "Age of Consequences":

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