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Puzzlement 2
Should I set up a prize for the 5,000th comment received on this Livejournal?


Okay. Got the bulk of another piece of work for Spacing Ottawa done. Not sure when it's going live, but I'll post here when it does for anyone who's not already got that website bookmarked for regular viewing. Which I hope most of you are doing, but not necessarily for my ego's sake.


Got some more illustration time in today, with actual pencil and paper as opposed to Manga Studio. I need to make regular time for both sets of tools. This is going to be absolutely vital in order to get comfortable enough to start working on scripts on a continuing basis.

Yes, I'm also still looking for a regular day-job. Managed to file applications on several positions today, which is a good thing.

More as it develops... 

UPDATE: About that formatting complaint

interrobang, shock, astonishment, confusion
And all of a sudden, my Friends and "Friends of Friends" pages are back to the formatting I originally chose for reading them with.

Not sure how or why it happened. Or how long that'll last...

An Open Complaint to LJ Management

wrongness, mistake, failure

Do not switch the formatting of either my Friendlist or "Friends of Friends" pages over to the "New and Improved" style without my consent.

<i>I did NOT give any such consent.</i>

How do I switch back? CAN I switch back the formatting?


Chased some job leads today, including one with an employer I'd never heard of before. We'll see how those go.

Also, some practice with Manga Studio, long overdue and finally underway. If it ends up fit to share, I may post the results. No promises, though.

Lots of distractions due to other stuff I don't want to get into here.

More chatter about various things tomorrow? That, I can promise.  

Book Mountain

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Courtesy of one Steve Olmstead, found via Flickr tonight:

Book Mountain

Writing Stuff

I wrote some stuff for workshop today. It wasn't the best thing I've ever done, won't be the best thing I'll ever do. It helped me scratch an itch about two movies I've enjoyed, though, and kept me a little saner than I might be otherwise. So it was worth it to me.


Speaking of Poor Choices for a Moment

irritation, sarcasm, annoyance

Remembering the G-20 in Toronto from a couple of years ago, and thinking...that this latest imposition by our current Prime Minister upon my home city by choice is not a good thing. Maybe I'm under-reacting here?

You tell me.

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I was just reading up on an interview with Little Mosque on the Prairie creator Zarqa Nawaz in today's Toronto Star.

And for some reason as yet unclear to me, I find myself wondering if she's ever been a Star Trek fan to any degree at all.

Because I'd like to see her try her hand at writing a novel set in those worlds.

Looking forward to reading her memoirs ASAP, because I've been reading good things about that particular book in several quarters...

Moth Identification Query

Puzzlement 2
Anyone recognize the species?

Mystery Moth

Some Semi-random links - 5 July 2014


A long-storied "beer tunnel" under the Lebreton Flats section of Ottawa has been found...and filled in to ensure the safety of users of our future LRT expansion. We do have active local breweries elsewhere in Ottawa after all, so maybe the loss of the tunnel isn't what it might be.

Rick Salutin shares some thoughts about how the CBC is being managed of late. The idea that there might actually be protests in the streets of Canada's cities and towns over the loss of, say, Murdoch Mysteries or the Mercer Report is a pleasant one to entertain, but as Vancouverites and les Montréalais will remind us all, we don't do riots over anything but the Stanley Cup up here, right?

Yes, there's still going to be a CAN-CON this year in Ottawa. Keep an eye on that home page for news as they're able to unveil it.

Heather Mallick bemoans our national capacity for stinginess. Not the first time, and as one of the precariate myself, I find myself dancing on one of the blade-edges of the sword here. I buy the Toronto Star at the nearest retailer I can because, living in Ottawa, I'm pretty sure that I can't afford a subscription at the rates required of Ottawa residents. Which makes things more difficult for those of my neighbours working at Canada Post, as well as the Star's staff. I know this. Can't help it, if I want to buy that paper at all. And because I buy it at the newsstand every day, I find myself a little resentful of their paywall.

(Oh, and despite my circumstances, I still buy my books retail. There's two places in particular I like for that.)

Laundry chores call, but there will be more on other topics later on...

Glorification of Cruelty, Maybe?

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The recommendation is for certain federal cabinet ministers' quotations in the article. The article itself strikes me as solid, grounded in fact, and leads me to worry about what seems part of an ongoing trend as described in the title above.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruling itself is also - in my POV - grounded solidly in both fact and empathy. Which we need in the court system in no small degree, especially in these times. I do not like this practice on the part of cabinet ministers of conflating legitimate refugees and illegal immigrants for one thing, and for another, there may well be people in the second group who ought to be moved into the first.

Discouraging fact-based empathy is not for me. Not in my name. 

(By the by, I'm downloading a copy of the text of the ruling for future study. Seems like a good idea on principle.)

To my American friendlisters...

...wishing you the best of your nation's birthday!

Empires: the Old Addiction

Rick Salutin's thoughts on empires. Which we don't seem quite able to shake yet, even though we probably should.

Mourning Goldfish in the Morning

sad news, bad news
Mourning the death of his family's last surviving goldfish this morning. "Goldie" - sadly I had a poor imagination for such namings - expired in its barrel overnight, causes suspected to include old age: it was close to 20 years old if a day.


Birthday Greetings, Belated and Not...

celebration, salut mrtonylee and to reverend2001 , whether they're still reading this LJ or not!

Hoping you're both well, and have been enjoying your Days!

Two items from the Huffington Post's Canadian service that led from one to another...

Why Poor People Can't Just "Get a Job" by Janelle Vandergrift

Which led to my discovering this item...

Tim Hortons CEO Marc Caira Argues Against New Limits On TFW Program

Makes one wonder...

Another Bad Day at the Broadcast Centres

canadian media, public broadcasting
Here's the official announcement:

The federal elections of 2015 cannot arrive soon enough. I just hope all the involved political parties can get full national slates of candidates put together in time.

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