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Maps and TV Fiction: One UK Artist's Foray

For this morning's entertainment, something I stumbled across with the help of the Evening Standard. I've seen episodes of only a near-literal handful of the shows referenced in this map, but it's a fascinating document in any case. I think I've seen similar maps for The Fugitive (original series), for SF&F-specific shows filmed across North America, and for TV shows and movies filmed in the Vancouver and Toronto regions as well.


Galactic Mapping Question

Tonight's topic of interest: wondering what lies on what Trekkers would call the border between Beta and Delta Quadrants of our Galaxy. I don't need exact coordinates of specific object to within a tenth of a light-year, but a general sense of what "landmarks" of interest to astronomers there are in that area.
Just found out in the course of my job search that Rogers Communications is - as I type this entry - looking for a "Manager of Baseball Analytics". Putting aside my issues with Rogers' behaviour towards the CBC and CFL for the moment, this is one of those moments where I am annoyed to find myself having been born too damn soon for my own good.

Happy Birthday to...


Many happy returns of the day to you!

Still here...

Just not much to say at the moment. I've been checking job boards, looking at YouTube tutorials on perspective and inking, rummaging around Facebook and G+ and getting other chores done around the place the last few days.

Nothing really coherent otherwise comes to mind right now. Will try to check in again tomorrow.

After-Birthday Thanks

Got a lot of birthday-wishes traffic over on Facebook yesterday, for which I am deeply thankful.

The day itself was not the Most Eventful ever, barring a dinner at Kelsey's with mother, brother and sister. It started quiet, and got noisier as game time approached. Pretty much what you expect from a Kelsey's location, in other words. The food and company were good, and that's what counted.

More on other stuff later...

SCOTT VROOMAN: Dissent vs. Rick Mercer

It's a rare occasion when I find myself in disagreement with Rick Mercer, and even then, he usually makes a certain degree of sense.

This time, though, Scott Vrooman speaks more sensibly.

Achievements of the Day

More job-search paperwork done. Applications filed with multiple employers. Laundry. Dishes. Driveway-clearing. Interacting with humanity in general.

A good day. 

Challenger Plus 30

A friend of mine reminded me of an anniversary this month. A sad one.

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the deaths of the "Challenger Seven".

I remember the circumstance by which I learned the news. I'd just gotten home from marketing classes at Algonquin College for the day, I was tired, and I wanted to go to my room to decompress or whatever it was we called recovering from classes back then. When I got there, I turned on the TV, and that was it.

I remember sadness, having to plough onward with my studies because those weren't going to wait on anything. Mostly, I just kept going. Kept an eye on the news as best I could in those days before the internet was a thing the general public could really use for news-tracking. My "internet" back then was the public library and the library at Woodroffe Campus. Not much else, really. Not like it was with Columbia in 2003, barely a month after my own father had died.

In January 2003, I was angrier. In large part because of the timing of it. These were still strangers to me for the most part, but I valued - still value - the work they did, and because of that and the timing, I was angrier about those deaths. Maybe being able to learn more, faster, about the whole thing added to it. I can't say for certain.

But it's been thirty years since Challenger as of tomorrow. And those of us still here after the passage of those thirty years have done a lot of living, and learning. Hopefully, a lot of the latter in particular.

But the exploration hasn't stopped either, and I am grateful for that above all. To those who've kept going, wherever you are on or off this planet, I thank you all for that.

Please. Keep going.

Ottawa Comic Jam - January 2016

I'll be at the Shanghai Restaurant for supper and a chat session with a bunch of cartoonists, designers, animators, etc. tonight. Said restaurant's a half-block east of the corner of Bronson and Somerset West, on the north side of Somerset West. It's their first jam session of 2016. Any time after 6 PM should be good for you to start showing up.

Yes, it's short notice. I apologize for that. 
This does look familiar. How about you?

Originally posted by strangemaps at Familiarity Breeds Cartography: A Map of Every City


Maybe this is something for Law and the Multiverse, the Legal Geeks and/or Bob Ingersoll. Or their Canadian counterparts, if such are willing to step up.

Is Laura "X-23" Kinney, the current Wolverine, legally entitled to Canadian citizenship?

David G. Hartwell

I've seen the chatter about his impending death here and on Facebook. Rob Sawyer's been saying on Facebook - in the hours leading to my writing this - that it's a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months.

I don't have the history of close contact with Mr. Hartwell that some of you have had. I met him in passing perhaps two hands' full of times over the decades at assorted conventions here in Ottawa-Gatineau and maybe in Montréal. Never got to work with him on anything. I've certainly bought and read works that he had a hand in helping some of you get into publishable condition, and for that work I am grateful.

For those of you losing a friend or colleague or relative?

I'm sorry for your pain. I'm here with you.

Meditation on a Loss

I've been putting this off for hours. Seven or eight hours, probably. It's difficult to be certain of the specifics right now. As it happens, robertjsawyer put me back on track over on Facebook when he linked to this Vancouver Sun article on heart attack survival rates in high-altitude places.

I went to my dentist's office-clinic this afternoon for a session with one of the dental hygenists on duty. They'd fallen behind the way they sometimes do when they're dealing with a heavy workload. I was already irritated by having to walk it from the local Transitway hub to their building in mid-minus-10 to 20 temperatures that wind chill had aggravated, and in addition to that, I found myself having to fill out and sign new legal paperwork on an iPad. You'd think someone used to working with Apple gear at home wouldn't have that much trouble with those, but actually signing an e-document with a stylus or your own fingertip isn't easy without lots of practice.

The wait time didn't help my mood after that, but again: heavy workload despite the ongoing competition for patients. This is a partnership that lots of people in Orléans rightly trust, and have done for decades. Despite the refitting of the facility and the changes in partner dentists and their affiliated hygenists, that's not going to change any time in the near future.

The refit also threw me off.

Then as I was settling into the chair for the checkup and cleaning, the hygenist - also new to me - gave me the news that is still sinking in.

My dentist had died on the weekend.

Not my current dentist. He'd taken over the slot in my health care team a few years ago, and it's my hope that I'll be able to keep him for a few decades yet. Assuming neither of us meets with either accident, foul play or bad self-maintenance consequences.

Rather, the first dentist to work with me as their patient after I'd moved to Ottawa was dead. He'd died at  a local ski resort, of a heart attack during the weekend. If memory serves, it was my father who'd introduced me to this dentist back in the late 1980's. I can't remember the exact year right now, and I suppose it would be a bit much to ask the clinic staff to start rummaging through whatever files they still have from those days, even if conversion into e-docs is an ongoing process meeting with some level of success right now.

He once actually accepted one of my inked sketches as partial payment for work he'd done. It was a decade or more ago, so I'm hoping it stayed with him until his end. My ego would be glad of it.

But not too glad. This was someone who managed to keep me at ease, even during the most involved work on the inside of my mouth, refitting old fillings or building new ones. I'd gotten comfortable with him doing that work, and it's taken a while for the new guy and I to get to that same degree of comfort. Not through any fault of his, but rather that I'm still out of sorts for my own set of reasons.

After I left, I found myself muttering curses not so quietly while walking back along St. Joseph Boulevard to Place d'Orléans. I was sad, I was angry. I'd fallen out of touch since he'd left the partnership. I'd wanted to find a way to get caught up on all manner of things.

Not going to happen now, not in any direct way.

One more thing to deal with along the road...and one less trusted soul to share with.

Stuff Got Done

  • Took an exam for a job competition.

  • Shovelled the driveway.

  • Sorted garbage into its proper disposal streams on an ongoing basis.

  • Did some history research on Montréal.

  • Practiced with Manga Studio inking.

  • Visited with friends at a WritersFest-linked party.

  • Got some shopping done.

  • Watched The Martian again.

  • Updated my pull file with my comics shop.

  • Vacuumed the basement.

A good weekend.

Yes, I should've posted more. But, as you saw above: stuff got done this weekend.

Music Recording on the ISS

Some friends of mine in ByMUG will be pleased with this.

Future stations and ships will, one suspects, have their own "sweet spots" for such projects.
So, here's what I ended up with by dealing with those three questions in one exercise:

Friendlist Residency
Note: if you're on my Facebook friendlist and you live in Gatineau, Québec? You should be part of the blue pie slice.

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