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Random Notes of Interest

According to CTV's Atlantic News web service, today is National Superhero Day.

Speaking of celebrations: tomorrow will be a big day for independent bookstores in Canada and the USA.

The Intercept reports on...interventions in the communications of convicts' families on social media. The potential consequences for all involved seem Problematic at best to my eyes. That the examples under discussion are in Texas does not make the matter less relevant.

On mapping the now and the possible future, there is a book that I now want: Connectography.

So I'm not alone in noticing the obvious.


I don't count the Ultron bodies, though. Single artificial intelligence directing them all, right?

Just pointing this tweet out. Your amusement value may vary here.

Remembering Everhart's line of questioning in the first Iron Man movie...

Bees in Ottawa-Gatineau: 2016

Had my first bee sighting of the new season. Tiny little thing, but seemed self-evidently a bee for all that.

VFX Logistics

Looking at this for a few minutes...

It gets me thinking about the logistics for location VFX work that would be needed for some of the projects I hope to see on the big - or small - screen before I die. Classic version of Northguard, as originally created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette, with the story set in Montréal, maybe. Or, going back to Marvel for a moment, a story featuring the classic Canadian-made Alpha Flight set in Ottawa or Toronto or Vancouver (or, hopefully, some combination of the three cities). Or any version of Captain Canuck...

The filming restrictions in play in NYC for Avengers' purposes, or in Washington for use in The Winter Soldier, would be applicable to some extent here. Ottawa being a national capital, with all the issues that go with that, you couldn't not expect some of the same hurdles ILM and their partner/competitors had to deal with on those productions.

I may revisit this train of thought. Not sure where to take it yet. 

A-Force # 4: A Bit of Whiplash (Spoilers)

So that issue came out this week...

Spoilers after the cutCollapse )

And there's some whiplash right there.  
Well, that was an interesting day news-wise. Senator Mike Duffy getting not only a not-guilty verdict but a full-throated exoneration...and then having that upstaged by news of Prince's death.


Gotham v Manhattan: A Sense of Scale

To give a sense of what was/is possible with the version of Gotham City I came to believe in as a result of working with Matt Brady on the Daily Planet Guide to Gotham...I found a map of the outline of Manhattan Island, and scaled it to match that of Eliot Brown's map.

Manhattan vs Gotham-A

The Gotham Islands may be shorter on the north-south axis, but far wider on the east-west axis. So there's still room for at least twenty numbered avenues, and my research into references in both visuals and dialogue in comics published between 1983 and 2011 have explicitly referred to a 33rd Avenue (Robin v.4 # 162).

Numbered streets...might be more difficult to manage, given that north-south axis mileage. We have references of those ranging from 2nd Street("A Lonely Place of Dying", where it meets 2nd Avenue at Apollo Square) to 242nd (Batgirl v.3 # 6).

There's probably several ways for a competent cartographer or graphic designer to render all of that somewhat consistant.

Sleep Note II

Still trying to get "enough" sleep. Whatever that is.

Weekend is over

Another work week begins...tomorrow.

Good night.

New Shoes

It was finally time to get those new shoes today. I'd prefer to deal with Letellier down on Rideau rather than Payless at the local mall, but there are still limits to live within. Those limits will be there for a while, probably.

I noticed that Thomas Mulcair's had to face some limits of his own today. Different scales, different kinds of limits, yes. But, still limits. He tried to do as best he could for his party since Jack Layton died, but it didn't work to the degree anyone supporting that party might have hoped for.

Lots of people across Canada are going to put his run under the microscope for decades, perhaps centuries if Canada lasts long enough. But regardless of how accurate their conclusions will be, there's limits there too. How much those conclusions will matter, and to whom, for example.

What happens next? I don't know yet. But limits will be encountered, and resisted.

A Minor DVD Note

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I'm pleased to note, has no trailers to waste a viewer's time. Once you insert the disc, it gets straight to the options for viewing the movie.

Never thought I'd see the day.

No idea about the Blu-Ray edition, and I won't concern myself with finding out. I got my money's worth.

Transit Venting

Filed an application for a different job before I left the day-job office today. Seemed like the thing to do when I came across that particular ad on the website this morning. Especially after having to turn down another offer from a place where I'd really like to be working even in the face of a slight pay cut because of transit logistics and sleep issue aggravation resulting therefrom.

"Transit logistics"...a polite way of saying that buses can't handle everywhere I'd like to go in the region, for reasons of physics, budgets and physical safety of staff and passengers alike. And our light rail component isn't yet as far-reaching as the most ambitious of us in such matters would like yet. Ottawa-Gatineau has one line right now, with a second under construction. That second needs two more years before they'll certify it as safe enough for passengers to use on a daily basis. Track is still in the process of being delivered and laid down. Since the winter hasn't completely freed us from its grip yet, there's a lot of preparations yet to be made to resume the process.

And that's just for the Ottawa side's "Phase One" projects. Never mind our "Phase Two" still on the drawing boards. Gatineau is still playing catch-up on the "bus-rapid-transit" front. Their STO service just opened up a dedicated "Rapibus" roadway a year or two ago, and while there's a way to connect the O-Train network to the Rapibus line, there's a lot of paperwork and haggling between city halls, and the feds and provinces, before it can be done.

We're making progress and people can see that progress as it happens. But it's still not as fast as a lot of people need it to become. Employment, commerce, governmental logistics, recreation, family connections, a lot of stuff could become easier...but we have to wait. And persist in pushing for things to move.    

Brain and Sleep: A Complaint About Timing

It figures. I'm finally in a mental frame to think about creative stuff and hold conversations that halfway make sense, but I have to go to bed.


Saskatchewan II

I'm sorry to read the election news via iPolitics and CBC this morning. 

No more long weekends

Not for a few weeks, anyway, barring any surprises. Hopefully, pleasant ones.

More on other topics as the week goes by and if my wits aren't exhausted after work...

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