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SHIELD Season 4: Ghost Rider, Anew

"Our offices from Los Angeles to Denver all heard...stories. A motorcyclist with a skull on fire, wandering from town to town, over the decades. Corpses, and catatonic survivors left behind, and horrific crimes exposed to the light of day. The investigators and prosecutors were so busy focusing on what was exposed, they never went looking for whoever it was did the exposing. And the whispered stories in the bars of a dozen states..."

I don't expect the scriptwriters to lift what I wrote as a comment to one of my Facebook friendlisters about this, since - owing to television production realities - the episode introducing this iteration of the character is likely already "in the can" with CoSA likely doing the needed VFX as I typed these words.

But with Doctor Strange on its way to the cinema houses this fall, it doesn't surprise me to see Agents of SHIELD going to the supernatural places in parallel...

Some Days You Just Get Annoyed at Yourself

Such is the case, now that I've read Rebecca Eckler's essay for the National Post, "What happened when my publisher ceased to exist".

Had I thought sooner than I did that the procedures Eckler outlines therein might be an option for me to pursue, there might be far more copies of The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City still "in the wild".

My apologies to everyone for that mistake.

If you want to see where I was last night, there's some pix I took of the event under discussion, taken at Library and Archives Canada's main building on Wellington. Some old friends of mine were there in different roles, and some new friends stood to be acquired. Also, the book in question is worth the money.


Keeping Updated

If you're not on Facebook or NCF or Flickr, just so you know, I'm still hanging around here. I don't have a lot to say hereabouts, but even so...

I went downtown this afternoon after spending the morning helping out relatives with Stuff I Won't Discuss Here. Didn't get a lot done once I got downtown, though, because...well, I was distracted. Trivial stuff, really.

Over to you.


Bastille Day 2016

This was a horrific and extremely unwelcome way for anyone to remind us all of the event's origins.

Je suis desolée.
And now we have twelve candidate-sites for the next Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Personally, I'm good with options 2 through 7.

Guardian + CBC: "Nine-Dash Line Nixed"

Saša Petricic's analysis for CBC News:
Forget the 'farce' bluster, China received the tribunal ruling it dreaded -
Hague tribunal's ruling could push China to be even more assertive in South China Sea, expert says


From The Guardian:
Beijing rejects tribunal's ruling in South China Sea case
Xi Jinping says China’s ‘territorial sovereignty and marine rights’ in the seas will not be affected


What else could the bosses in Beijing hope expect? Surrender from Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and so on?

That wasn't going to happen.

Further on the Transit Job Cut Fantasy

I mentioned this a while ago.

Seems that the management at OC Transpo still believes in their story. I can't believe that for reasons already covered. Such as the expectation that service within neighbourhoods in order to "feed" to and from those O-Train stations will have to increase.

Progress? I suppose so.

Got some photography files sorted a little better today, and got some research and shopping done too.

Tomorrow, some other errands...


I know: after the last couple of years of expense scandals, who'd want to get a job in our upper house AKA the Red Chamber, right?

Even so, you might know a Canadian who might qualify. Someone you suspect could be productively useful in politics but wouldn't cope well with the traditional election processes in place for the House of Commons. (Hint: Not me. I don't meet the property-holder requirement.)

And there is now a process in place for applying or recommending potential members.

Details available here. Limited time for this process, so get moving!

About the "Friends of Friends" option

Sometimes I use that to look around wider swathes of Livejournal. Just saying. 

Things to Pay Attention To

A Tor.com report on SF&F in Nairobi.

From Regina: a story about the consequences of not properly funding the details of international justice...within Canada. (No, I did not make a mistake using "international". There is at least one treaty involved here.)

David Brin asks - and is not alone in asking - when did optimism become Uncool?

Pete Evans at CBC News gets to the heart of the dispute between Canada Post Corp. and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers: the need of workers to avoid starvation in retirement. Even if Evans doesn't frame it with that language.

Also, we note Jason Kenney's quest to save Alberta from civilization. (This is not Mr. Kenney's POV about his goals, to be sure. But as Stephen Colbert once noted, reality does have a certain bias about these matters.)

Congratulations to NASA's Juno team for getting their probe into Jovian orbit yesterday. I won't call what you did "conquering" Jupiter, mind you, because of colonial-mindedness in the undertones of that. But what you did is a positive achievement!

Writing Workshop

Expecting to be at the Rideau Library for Pen and Paper Writing Workshop tonight...it's either that or become unconscious in the basement at home from lack of sleep...

I've yet to see her work beyond cameos in more recent shows for TV and film, but this lady was the first to bring the character to live action.

I've no doubt she'll be missed.


The CN Tower: History

Seeing the completion of the CN Tower live on TV as a child was as big a deal to me as the launch of the Apollo-Soyuz mission or the Montréal Olympics' opening ceremonies.

Noting Spacing Toronto's coverage on the 40th anniversary...

Making Intrepid Progress

Finally getting around to a project for the "Street Names" series that's been nagging at my backbrain for a few months now. A little bit of historical advocacy and opinionation on my part, to be honest. Further details as soon as I'm able to announce.

In the meantime, I continue to recommend the rest of the content of Spacing Ottawa as a source of inspiration for discussion and debate about how we should continue to (re)build the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

To those Americans celebrating today...

...I wish you well. 

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