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Okay, I got the time-frame wrong.

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The book fair ran from noon to 5 PM.

My dumb.

About the Grey Cup

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I was hoping to gather with friends at a local pub for the game tonight.

The response to the Facebook event I posted, however, has been underwhelmingly clear. So...staying home tonight.

Apologies to anyone who was planning to show up...but one maybe and nine no-votes on Facebook made it clear that the event was going to fizzle.

A weekend for discomfort?


First there was yesterday's Sinfest installment featuring Charlie Brown in an uncomfortable guest-starring - guest-stalking by some Sinfest characters' lights - role. So...a bit of discomfort for me, having identified with young Mr. Brown since the days I actually was the same depicted age as him., popelaksmi points out this video to me.

And I share it via Facebook and manage to discomfit one or two people I'd rather not see discomfited. I think I'll forgo naming them for the time being.

I found the commercial - such it turned out to be - amusing owing to the parallels to the TV show Just for Laughs Gags. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a show made by the people who run the Juste pour rire comedy festival operation out of Montréal. Kind of like Candid Camera, except we never hear the people involved talking as a rule.

The reactions of discomfort were - I believe, perhaps mistakenly? - based in perceived misuse of surveillance technology, fears of being stalked...I may be mischaracterizing those reactions. To put it mildly. That would be a mistake on my part, because it runs the risk of wrongly downplaying their fears, whatever they are.

I'm sorry for causing that harm.


I haven't been writing much of any substance here myself lately. While a good, honest explanation could be made for that, it would still feel too much like excuse-making to me.

So: I'm sorry.

Hoping to do better and more often in March...

A blanket apology

Something needs saying. So:

Some of you I've done wrong by and you know it.
Some of you I've done wrong by and you don't know it.
Some of you I've done wrong by and neither of us realizes it.

I apologize. Here and now. Whatever the circumstances were.

To those of you I haven't wronged: I hope I never do. I'll do what I can to avert it. No promise that I'll succeed, but I'll put the work in. I don't know if I'll always remember to ask for help if I need it, just so you know.
Seems my sources for the bus strike info was in error. A rare thing for the sources in question, at least in my experience. But I passed the error along as fact yesterday, even while trying to confirm the information via other routes. And I did not get that confirmation.


My apologies to all for my part in whatever premature panic I've helped cause. "I'm sorry" likely isn't enough, but it's what there is.

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